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Lyman Essentials Reloading Kit
In stock at Cabelas
on 2-8-2018.
Product Description
Get the basic setup for reloading all your favorite rounds in one money-saving bundle with Lyman's Essentials Reloading Kit. Top-of-the-line tools and accessories ensure many years of use. System includes: T-Mag II turret press, E-ZEE Prime hand priming tool, free Lyman die-set voucher, 50th Edition Lyman Reloading Handbook, Pocket Touch 1500, calibration check weight, powder scoop, Powder Pal™ universal funnel pan, case-prep multitool, bench wrench, E-ZEE Flo™ universal powder trickler, Quick Slick™ case lube, and universal loading block. Included die-set rebate for a free die set.
  • Money-saving kit includes the basics to begin reloading
  • Quality tools and accessories ensure years of use
  • Includes a mail-in rebate for a free die set