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AK-47 BarreLED Receiver 7.62x39 Underfolder
by Blackheart Firearms
In stock at Brownells - Use Coupon M6S for free shipping over $49 til 12/31/17
on 1-29-2018.
Product Description
The Blackheart Firearms underfolding stock AK-47 barreled receiver kit only requires the builder to install the trigger group, gas tube assembly, and furniture components to have a complete rifle.
  • Barrel and stock trunnions are CNC machined from billet steel
  • Receiver features completed riveting, pressing, and head spaced bolt
  • All Parkerizing work completed
  • Contains: Barreled Receiver, handguard cap, gas block, front sight base assembly, gas tube, headspaced bolt with firing pin & extractor & top cover
  • Does not contain: Trigger Assembly, Bolt Carrier, furniture or muzzle device