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Grizzly Targets BYOR Plate-Rack Kit
In stock at Cabelas
on 5-2-2018.
Product Description
Consisting of three Gun-Post Targets, two BYOR Stands, two Verticlal-T Connectors and four Dueling-Plate Targets, Grizzly Targets' BYOR Plate Rack Kit contains the hardware you need to create a basic plate rack (lumber not included). Targets are made of AR500 steel, ensuring they can withstand thousands of shots. Dueling Plates' springs can be removed so they won't pop back up after being shot, making them perfect for 3-Gun matches. Unlike typical plate racks, this package breaks down easily for simple transportation. Made in USA.

  • AR500 steel targets withstand thousands of shots
  • Can be customized for 3-gun competitions
  • Breaks down easily for simply transportation