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Crosman CRVL357S Co2 Powered 6 Shot Revolver Air Pistol
by Crosman Corporation
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on 7-19-2018.
Product Description
  • Full Metal Revolver BB Revolver allows you to shoot with precision in back country or at target practice
  • Powerful design made with single and double action abilities
  • Forceful design sends steel BBs flying at up to 450 (137m) feet per second
  • Includes 6 BB cartridges to facilitate fast and simple loading
  • Made with a smooth bore barrel
  • Suitable for use by shooters of all skill levels from beginner to advanced
  • Single or Double Action CO2 Air Pistol
  • Shoots either .177cal steel BBs up to 450fps
  • Metal construction
  • Reviews From Buyers
    I brought home the SR357 yesterday and put 90 shots through it and was pleased with it's performance. Right out of the box, shooting from 43ft I was able to consistently hit soup cans which some shots penetrated. Double action trigger was very heavy(heavier than my stock real 357's) but the S/A trigger was crisp. I expect the D/A will lighten up after more use. The adjustable rear sight is handy since I was shooting to the right consistantly off bench. I adjusted sight and problem solved. I own a 357SNR also and have shot @1000 bb's and some pellets. I'm pleased with the SNR which is basically the same gun w/shorter barrel. The SNR was sold as \"dual ammo inch and the SR was advertised as BB with no mention of pellets. They both have smooth bores. The clam shell package the SR came in had a empty pocket for the pellet cartridges to go in. I think the SR, smooth barrel can shoot pellets if you have the pellet cartridges.