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Harrington And Richardson (H&r) Sb2-808 UlTraditions Hunter 308 22in Lam


Harrington And Richardson (H&r) Sb2-808 UlTraditions Hunter 308 22in Lam by Marlin Harrington And Richardson (H&r) Sb2-808 UlTraditions Hunter 308 22in Lam
Price: $332.99
Available from The Gun Source
Updated on 5-12-2012.
Buy Harrington And Richardson (H&r) Sb2-808 UlTraditions Hunter 308 22in Lam now!

HARRINGTON AND RICHARDSON Single Shot Rifle, 308 Win, 22" Blued
Barrel,Cinnamon laminated hardwood stock

The Ultra Hunter provides tight grouping ability, and it's rugged
break action and standing breech preserve the barrel's optimum
headspace. Each action is hand tuned for smooth let-off and crisp
trigger pull, and is protected by a transfer bar safety to prevent
accidental discharge.
The Ultra Comp on the other hand is designed to reduce felt recoil
while maintaining proper rifle esthetics. The outside diameter of the
compensator contours smoothly with the barrel profile, maintaining
good looks and correct balance. Both are covered by the NEF Lifetime
No Fault Service plan.

Calibers: Ultra Rifle 22 WMR, 223 Rem; 243 Win; 25-60 Rem; 308
Win, 450 Marlin Ultra Comp 30-06 Sprg; 270 Win
Action: Break open, side lever release, positive ejection
Barrel: 22", 24" and 26", blued
Stock: Monte Carlo, hand-checkered cinnamon laminate, sling
swivel studs
Forend: Semi-beavertail, hand checkered cinnamon laminate,
sling swivel studs
Sights: None (scope mount included)
Length: 22" bbl - 38"
24" bbl - 40"
26" bbl - 42"
Length of Pull: 14-1/4"
Drop at Comb: 1-1/4"
Drop at Heel: 1-1/8"
Weight: 7-8 lbs.

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