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Parker Crossbows Concorde Crossbow Package with 3X Pin Point Scope
In stock at Cabelas
on 5-2-2018.
Product Description
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Parker's Concorde Crossbow Package redefines hunting crossbows with its automatic cocking system. Integrated, patented Quick Draw System makes the Concorde the first-ever crossbow that will cock itself. Simple push-button operation initiates the CO2-powered system, which automatically draws the string to the fully cocked position. Once cocked, it's capable of speeds over 300 fps. Uncocking the crossbow is just as easy – simply push the button again. Installed and tuned Anti-Vibration and Shock (AVS) system reduces noise and vibration. Included 9-oz. CO2 bottle will cock the crossbow approximately 50 times when fully charged. Equipped with a 3X Pin Point Scope for consistent accuracy at farther distances. Manufacturer's lifetime warranty. Made in USA.
Speed: 300 fps.
Power stroke: 9.6".
Draw wt: 175 lbs.
Length: 34.5".
Width: 18.9" uncocked; 18" cocked.
Wt: 10.25 lbs.; with accessories: 13.31 lbs.

Parker Concorde Crossbow Package with 3X Pin Point Scope includes: crossbow, empty 9-oz. CO2 bottle, premium Red Hot scope, quick-detach four-bolt quiver and four bolts with field points.

  • Revolutionary CO2-powered Quick Draw cocking system
  • Automatically cocks and uncocks with the push of a button
  • Fires bolts over 300 fps perfect for big game or practice
  • Installed and tuned AVS system reduces vibration and sound
  • Included 9-oz. CO2 bottle cocks crossbow 50 times when full