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Leupold VX-5HD Rifle Scope with CDS-ZL2
In stock at Gander Outdoors
on 4-12-2018.
Product Description
The Leupold VX-5HD Scope offers versatility, durability, and high-quality performance in an easy-to-use package. It’s built with a High-Definition optical system for sharpened clarity, and features the Twilight Max Light Management System for unparalleled performance in low-light environments. The new CDS-ZL2 dial locks in place so it cannot be inadvertently rotated off its zero. A mere press of a button will allow the user to dial up elevation, up to 38MOA (80cm), if necessary.

Leupold VX-5HD Scope Features and Benefits
• 6061-T6 aircraft-quality aluminum for long-lasting durability
• 2nd generation Argon/Krypton waterproofing resists thermal shock more effectively
• Absolute waterproof and fog-proof construction, ready for all conditions
• Longer eye relief + generous eyebox for better brightness, head position, and full eyepiece image
• Durable 30mm maintube offers great strength and wider range of adjustment
• CDS-ZL2 Dials: Custom Dial System + ZeroLock for ultimate accuracy, reliability, and ease
• Pop-Up Rezero windage adjustments easily adjust and set to zero mark without extra tools
• Thread-on aluminum cover conceals and protects windage adjustment once set
• Side focus parallax adjustment: fast, easy parallax focusing from any position**
• Fiber-optic LED FireDot illumination system delivers versatile performance*
• Simple push-button brightness control with high/low indicator for ease*
• FireDot reticle technology: optimal image in day or low-light situations*
• Motion Sensor Technology (MST): activates/deactivates with movement to conserve power*
• Versatile 5:1 zoom ratio: wide field of view at low power, precise target identification at high power
• Twilight Max Light Management System: extreme clarity in low-light settings
• Twin Bias Spring Erector System eliminates internal backlash and stress to extend scope’s life
• Ballistic Aiming System (BAS) is engineered for long-range accuracy
• Leupold exclusive Guard-Ion rain shedding lens coating resists scratches, water, dirt, fingerprints
• Leupold Gold Ring Full Lifetime Guarantee

CDS-ZL2 Windage and Elevation Dials
Combining the quickness, ease, and accuracy of the Custom Dial System (CDS) with the reliability of ZeroLock, the CDS-ZL2 Dials offer fast dialing and precision for long-range shooting. CDS elevation dials allow users to quickly dial their elevation to different sight-in ranges, and does it with a custom adjustment matched to the specific ballistics information being used.

Meanwhile, ZeroLock prevents unintended adjustments and ensures accurate return to zero. Press the ZL button to release and dial as much as 38MOA elevation. The lock snaps back into place automatically when dialed back to zero, ensuring correct re-zeroing.

Twilight Max Light Management System
The Twilight Max Light Management System delivers more usable light to the shooters eye and forms a crisp, high-contrasting image when other scopes can’t. Blackened lens edges reduce light diffusion, and special mechanical structures help control glare. DiamondCoat 2 exterior lens coatings provide enhanced abrasion-resistance, maximum light transmission in blue and red, and balanced colors for the highest possible contrast. The result is a sight image with remarkable resolution and clarity, able to distinctly show antler tines in dark shadows.

FireDot Reticle Technology*
Utilizing the fiber-optic LED illumination system, the FireDot Reticle Technology provides an extremely bright dot that draws the eye and centers on the target. It’s highly versatile design offers high-quality performance in both daylight and low-light environments. Plus, the simplified 1-button brightness controls make for quick and easy adjustment.

Motion Sensor Technology (MST)*
The Motion Sensor Technology (MST) ensures this scope is always ready to use. To conserve battery life, it powers down the VX-R after 5 minutes of inactivity. Don’t worry – the reticle automatically reactivates with movement to keep you prepped for the shot.

*Items 210313 and 210315
**Items 210314 and 210315