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Crosman FIRE NP Tech Hunting Rifle w 4x32 Scope CFRNP17SX
by Crosman
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on 1-18-2018.
Fire NP Air Rifle
Reviews From Buyers
I bought the Fire over a year ago and it seems to be getting better with time. The optimum distance for me is between 17-30 yards, but going farther is not impossible if you shoot pellets that will stay accurate at longer distances. At the range, I will go out to 60-75 yards, but compensate for trajectory. Best pellets for accuracy will be in the 8-10 grain range due to the power of gas piston. Quiet enough for backyard plinking. Scope is fine to 30-ish yards, and doable further out in very well-lit areas. Plenty inexpensive scopes to replace it with. Rifle is definitely worth buying, just need to master holding it correctly. I use a small bean-bag forend rest.