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Crosman Stealth Shot NP .177 Caliber Break Barrel Air Rifle with Scope, Camo
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on 1-18-2018.
  • Pellet velocity: up to 1200fps with alloy pellets 1000fps (lead)
  • Caliber: .177 caliber
  • Power source: Nitro Piston
  • Reviews From Buyers
    PLEASE READ FULL REVIEW!!!! I bought this gun about a week or so ago and it is a great gun but I live in the city with two nosy neighbors and I have to fire it from inside my model train shed with the door open so hopefully the neighbors won't hear it but I think they can and I think they might report me if I shoot it too much and the target leaning up against the brick part of my parents house. The gun is somewhat loud and it needs to be quieter. In fact one of the neighbors was outside this morning yelling that sounds like a gun to her husband and asking him if it was legal and I yelled out that I was using a nail gun to put wood together to calm her down because the pellet hitting the wood target sounds like a .22 caliber short rifle going off. The gun itself is a little loud too so like I said it needs to be made quieter and it needs a built in silencer on the barrel to quiet it down some more. So if you live in the city, make sure you have some nice neighbors that really don't care as long as you are shooting safely. And the scope that comes with the gun is good for an airsoft rifle but not this rifle and if you get a better scope make sure you have access to a retail store that sells scope rings that will fit this rifle and make sure the scope rings lift the scope up higher above the rail. Other than that this is a good gun. And make sure you get it sighted in right on the money because this gun can be a pain to sight in and it can deceive you and make you think it is sighted right so make sure to read your manual.