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Ravin Crossbows R15 Crossbow Package
In stock at Bass Pro Shops
on 4-2-2018.
Product Description

Unique crossbow design delivers unmatched downrange accuracy and power
Fully assembled and pre-tuned
Rifle-like feel - measures just 6" from axle to axle when cocked
HeliCoil technology - perfectly balanced and level cams for superior speed, power and accuracy
425 fps with 160 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy
Frictionless Flight System - more consistent accuracy, longer string and cable life
Trac-Trigger Firing System - perfectly balanced draw and straight-line nock travel
Versa-Draw Cocking System - fully integrated, ambidextrous system, safely cocks or de-cocks the crossbow
Automatic safety with Anti-Dry Fire
Comes with illuminated scope, quiver/mounting bracket, 6 arrows with nocks and 100 grain practice points, and removable cocking handle

Reviews From Buyers
Shot my bow for the first time this morning, within 4 shots had it hitting perfect. So I let my daughter shot it and she missed the target and hit my shed right behind target, so I shoot it again and I miss the target. Smh I’m like what happened. Realized I didn’t tighten the mounts for scope on bow,duh. So after readjusting the sights it hits dead on. The bolts however do not hold up, first shot with one and a fletching came off,2 total missing a fletch now. One insert pulled out after a few shots, so needless to say I now have one bolt left till I fix the others. Can’t wait to stick something with it now.