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Federal American Eagle Syntech Handgun Ammo Can
In stock at Cabelas
on 5-4-2018.
Product Description
Federal American Eagle's Syntech Handgun Ammo Can rounds feature a Total Synthetic Jacket (TSJ™) polymer coating that eliminates lead and copper fouling and reduces barrel friction, leading to a clean barrel, less heat and ultimately longer life for your gun. Lead bullet cores reduce splash back when practicing on steel targets. Lead-free Catalyst™ primers deliver reliable ignition. Reloadable Federal® brass cases. Includes convenient storage container.

  • Total Synthetic Jacket (TSJ) encapsulates the bullet in polymer
  • TSJ eliminates lead and copper fouling, keeping the barrel clean
  • Less friction and heat leads to reduced barrel wear
  • Lead bullet core is safe to use on steel targets
  • Consistent lead-free Catalyst primer
  • Reloadable Federal brass cases