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Crosman 1077 Repeat Air .177 Cal Air Rifle 1077
by Crosman
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on 7-19-2018.
Product Description
Crosman 1077 Repeat Air .177 Cal Air Rifle 1077
  • Semi-Auto CO2 Performance Air Rifle
  • Shoots .177cal Pellets up to 780fps
  • All-Weather Synthetic Stock and
  • Reviews From Buyers
    I bought this rifle about seven years ago. It has never jammed. I always use quality RWS pellets. The bright front sight insert is helpful for aiming. Just yesterday I hit a soda can at 45 feet 10 of 12 shots consistently. Sometimes I hit all 12. My sons love this rifle as there's no cocking or fumbling with pellets. I never let children handle lead pellets I always load the pellet magazine for them, they aim and fire. This rifle uses CO2 cartridges which when purchased in a 40 pack from Walmart can be very inexpensive shooting. I normally fire about six magazines or 72 pellets before replacing the CO2 cartridge. A note about CO2 air guns. If you fire them fast your pressure drops a little. I try to always give a few seconds between shots to maintain constant pressure and accuracy. Please, always wear eye protection when shooting any air gun. Lastly I finally purchased extra pellet magazines from Walmart three magazines for about four dollars. Can't beat that price.