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Beretta DT11 Shotguns
In stock at Cabelas
on 5-4-2018.
Product Description
Beretta's DT11 Shotgun is personally tested and perfected by the master gunsmith at the world's oldest firearms manufacturer to ensure you're getting a one-of-a-kind premium-grade shotgun. High-quality walnut is hand-finished according to your preference with either oil, True Oil® or wax, plus the forend can be custom-fitted to you. Hand-checkered pistol grip and forend provide solid handling. Extra-wide receiver adds weight for exceptional balance, plus the entire 3mm of additional thickness went into the walls, so you get solid durability. Steelium Pro barrel is built with tri-alloy steel that undergoes deep drilling, cold-hammer forging and a special vacuum distension that creates the ideal characteristics for ballistic performance. 480mm forcing cone and improved bore dimensions reduce recoil and muzzle rise so you stay on target. Dual-conical locking system built with a self-tightening design won't loosen over time. Adjustable drop-out trigger, mid bead sight with Bradley-style front beads and manual safety. Sporting models have tapered ribs from 10mm to 8mm, Schnabel forends, 1-1/2" combs and 2-3/8" heels. Trap model has a 1" rib adjustable to 1-1/5", round forend and B-FAST adjustable comb and heel.

ACS Model –  Features all the benefits of the DT11 family along with the revolutionary Beretta B-Fast system that includes an adjustable rib, comb and point of balance, making it ideal for trap, skeet and sporting clays. Tapered rib sports a positive click-stop adjustable dial at the front that lets you modify the point of impact from 50/50 to 80/20. Point of balance is adjustable through a set of included extra weights so you can customize it to your swing and shooting style. Comb is adjustable for drop and cast so you can customize it to fit you perfectly. Single selective trigger breaks at a crisp 3.5 lbs. Comes with extended optimachoke HP tubes.

  • High-quality walnut finished with your choice of oil, True Oil or wax
  • Custom forend personalized to your fit
  • Hand-checkered pistol grips and forends
  • Extra 3mm of receiver width for balance, stability and durability
  • Steelium Pro barrel enhances ballistic performance
  • Barrel design and bore dimensions reduce recoil
  • Self-tightening dual-conical locking system