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AR-15 9mm Bolt Carrier Group for Glock and Colt
by Faxon Firearms
In stock at Brownells - Use Coupon M6S for free shipping over $49 til 12/31/17
on 2-25-2018.
Product Description
To avoid slam-fires, the 9mm AR-15 Full-Mass Bolt / Carrier Group’s firing pin is captured with a dedicated pin and spring. Extractor is easily serviced and contoured for consistent purchase on the case rim for reliable extraction.
  • Fully heat-treated for hardness & wear-resistance
  • QPQ salt-bath Nitride coated for lubricity and corrosion resistance
  • Easy-to-remove weight pinned in place can be removed for compatibility with all buffer systems
  • Forward assist serrations
  • 15 oz. wt