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CVA OPTIMA V2 .50-Cal. Black Powder Stainless Steel/Black Pistol with Konus Red-Dot Sight and Pistol Case
In stock at Cabelas
on 5-5-2018.
Product Description
CVA's OPTIMA V2 .50-Cal. Black-Powder Pistol is modeled after CVA's OPTIMA V2 Muzzleloader. The OPTIMA V2 Pistol features the same trigger-guard actuated breeching lever, internal parts and neutral center-of-gravity trigger. Add in CVA's quick-release breech plug (QRBP) that easily removes by hand and you have got a gun with more quality features than any other muzzleloading pistol. Equipped with a 14" 416 stainless steel fluted barrel, the OPTIMA V2 Pistol is easy to maneuver in the treestand and comfortable to carry in the field. Includes DuraSight® Z2 Scope Rail and CVA's solid-aluminum PalmSaver™ ramrod. Bullet Guiding Muzzle™, reversible hammer spur and 100-gr. capable. Also includes: 24" pistol case with accessory packet and Konus Atomic Red-Dot Sight – one of the smallest traditional red/green-dot sights on the market, designed to withstand recoil from powerful firearms.

  • 14" 416 stainless steel fluted barrel
  • Bullet Guiding Muzzle system delivers pinpoint accuracy
  • Quick-release breech plug easily removes by hand
  • Solid-aluminum PalmSaver ramrod