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Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk with scope .177 Cal Air Rifle, CD1K77NP
by Crosman Corporation
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on 10-2-2018.
Product Description
Features and Add-ons
  • Abidextrous stock
  • Raised check piece
  • Includes scope and rings
    Key Specifications:
  • Pellet velocity: up to 1200fps
  • Caliber: .177 caliber
  • Power source: Nitro Piston
  • Mechanism: Break Barrel
  • Ammo type: shoots .177cal pellet only
  • Capacity: single pellet
  • Barrel: Rifled barrel
  • Stock Material: All-WeatherSynthetic
  • Safety: Lever
  • Features
  • Nitro Piston Powerplant
  • Shoots .177cal Lead Pellets up to 1200fps
  • All-Weather Synthetic Stock
  • Reviews From Buyers
    It seems to be a very nice well built gun. It is surprisingly heavy, probably around 8 pounds with the stock scope, but that should help with gun shake. The Nitro gas piston and the silencer on the end of the barrel make it very quiet to shoot. I sighted my scope in at 40' and with a gun rest; not a vice; can shoot 1/2 in. groups. Because of the different flight trajectories of the different types and weights of different pellets, you WILL have to re-sight your scope when you change pellet types. You will also have to shoot from different distances to see how the trajectory affects your shot placement. I have tried several different lead and PBA pellets for general hunting (squirrels etc.) and target practice and have found the GAMO 7.1gr. PBA \"Bullet\", which is copper colored, to be a very good all around pellet. At 40' the pellet will go completely through a 3/8 inch sheet of plywood. I would also reccommend purchasing a 'pellet pen' that will hold 20 pellets and make re-loading your gun much easier. This is a serious pellet gun for adults and NOT A TOY for the kids.