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Burris Eliminator III Ballistic Laser Scope
In stock at Cabelas
on 5-4-2018.
Product Description
Burris combined outstanding optics with pinpoint laser rangefinding and precise trajectory compensation in the sleek design of the Eliminator III Ballistic Laser Scope. Range your target and use the lighted aiming dot for a perfect hold over on your target at any magification. No other riflescope combines this level of quality, technology, accuracy, repeatability and effectiveness. With proper practice, this optical instrument will greatly increase the distance at which you can make an ethical shot. The scope comes with tables listing thousands of cartridges and the types of bullets in popular calibers from .17 Remington to .50 BMG made by most major ammunition manufacturers. First, decide if you want to work in meters or yards. Next, find your load on the provided tables or Burris’ Internet site and locate the corresponding drop number. Then program your drop number and ballistic coefficient into the Eliminator Laser Scope. The Eliminator III provides over 1,200 yds. of range compensation, increased magnification of 4X-16X power and accuracy at any magnification. The X96 reticle provides freatures no other scope can match. Provides not only the lighted aiming dot for your target range, but also windage reference dots for accurate shooting in a variety of wind conditions. Ergonomic activation buttons are shooter-friendly. Parallax adjustment from 50 yds. to infinity for precise bullet placement and optimum optical resolution. It’s waterproof, shockproof, fogproof and withstands the toughest hunting conditions. Elevation and windage adjustment with 1/8" clicks at 100 yards. It functions reliably in temperatures from -15°F to 140°F. Scope is powered by a single CR-123 battery (included).