Crosman 2300S Target .177 Caliber Bolt Action CO2 Air Pistol, IHMSA Class
by Crossman
In stock at Walmart
on 9-23-2017.
Product Description

Crosman 2300S Target .177 Caliber Bolt Action CO2 Air Pistol, IHMSA Class:
  • For age 16 years and up
  • .177 caliber
  • Zinc alloy and rifled steel construction
  • 10.1 inch Lothar-Walther choked match barrel with 12 lands and grooves and single-stage
  • Adjustable trigger with over travel adjustment screw
  • Adjustable hammer spring lets velocity be adjusted to between 440 to 520 fps
  • Grooved receiver for mounting scope
  • Stainless steel bolt with longer handle for ease of operation and an extended bolt probe for increased accuracy
  • Williams notch sight with target knobs for easy adjustment, as well as internal micrometer adjustments with positive internal locks
  • Use .177-caliber pellets only
  • Weight: 2.7 lbs
  • Dimensions: 13.3\"L x 1.0\"W x 5.5\"H
  • Model# 2300S

  • Meets IHMSA class
  • 10.1\", Lothar Walther choked, match barrel
  • Williams notched micrometer sight
  • Reviews From Buyers
    I bought mine recently from Walmart and find it extremely accurate @ 10 meters, no matter which pellet I try. The adjustable velocity screw is great. Can shoot very quietly. Rail allows for use of accessories like scopes, red dots, many different open sights etc. (Great for those of us with eyes which cannot use the open style target sights which come with the gun.) Trigger adjusts easily for pull weight and over-travel.Do not be confused by the primary picture, but look at little exploded view. {It appears that the primary pictures have been switched with a cheaper Crosman target pistol. The 2300s actually comes with the velocity adjustment screw on the rear of the receiver, a muzzle brake on the barrel, an extended bolt handle, high quality Weaver target sights...things that the cheaper pistol does not. Look on Crosman web site if confused...then buy from Walmart as they usually have the best price.Enjoy this gun! Mine has a little creep and drag in the trigger pull even after a thousand shots or so, but very manageable and getting better. When shooting from a rest, my 5 shot groups often look like one 22 cal pellet went thru the hole...hard to measure center to center group diameter, it is so small.