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TenPoint Nitro X ACUdraw Pro Crossbow Package
In stock at Cabelas
on 5-2-2018.
Product Description
TenPoint's Nitro X ACUdraw Pro Crossbow Package is light, compact and powerful, making it the perfect weapon of choice for treestands, ground blinds and other areas where space is limited. It uses reverse-draw Sling Shot™ technology to fire bolts up to an astonishing 440 fps, generating 166 ft. lbs. of energy for exceptional knockdown power. Vector Quad™ cable technology virtually eliminates cam lean to ensure straight-and-true flight and superior accuracy. ACUdraw for easy, repeatable cocking.
Speed: 440 fps.
Power stroke: 16.5".
Kinetic energy: 166 ft.-lbs.
Length: 30.7".
Width: 7" cocked; 12.5” uncocked.
Wt: 7.8 lbs.; with accessories: 8.5 lbs.
Camo pattern: True Timber® Viper.
TenPoint Nitro X ACUdraw Pro Crossbow Package includes: crossbow, TenPoint RangeMaster® Pro scope, ACUdraw Pro cocking device, six EVO-X Centerpunch carbon bolts with practice points, three-bolt instant-detach quiver and a pre-installed string stop.

  • Sling Shot technology powers bolts at 440 fps
  • Delivers an astonishing 166 ft. lbs. of energy
  • Vector Quad cable technology enhances long-range accuracy
  • ACUdraw provides consistent, easy cocking
  • Factory-mounted RangeMaster Pro scope