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Daisy Duck Commander 901 Air Rifle
by Daisy
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on 11-21-2017.
  • Sleek, multi-pump air rifle
  • Shoots either BBs or pellets
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Reviews From Buyers
    I had to modify mine to stabilize the barrel. I was getting a counter clockwise pattern in my groups. I fixed it by putting some epoxy (JB Weld) behind the muzzle cap, but now it is the most accurate pellet rifle that I own, under 25 yards. And I have 8 of them including Benjamin Trail NP .22 and Benjamin 392 .22 and a Daisy 953 with Diopter peep sights.I have worked hard to find the best pellet for this gun. Of the pellets that I have tried the GAMO Tomahawk 7.9 grain lead pointed hollow points. A lead free pellet is close second place. H&N Field Target Trophy Green 6.4 grain. Using my scope (Bushnell 4X32) I can get single hole group most of the time. And it is powerful enough to \"control inch many rodents.TO LOAD THIS GUN: 1) Open the Bolt. 2)Hold the gun by the pump handle with the barrel pointing down. (Hold it high so the breach is at eye level) 3) With the other hand insert the pellet into the breach. (You can hear the pellet rattle as it drops into the barrel) 4) Close the bolt. 5) Pump 6 to 10 times as desired.