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Reactive Target w/6 & Quot; Pistol Target Plate
by Challenge Targets
In stock at Brownells
on 3-3-2018.
  • This model is rated for handguns up to .45ACP and .357 magnum
  • 6” diameter x ¼” thick AR500 Head Assembly slips on and off standard wood 2x4s
  • Reversible target plate for extended life
  • Reactive steel target falls completely back and resets itself after a 2-5 second delay
  • No battery or pneumatic power is required. Target resets using a patent pending counterbalance technology
  • Portable, 51 lb. system, transports in two sections and sets up in seconds without tools
  • All-weather design with powder coat finish and stainless steel tracks. Capable of year-round outdoor use
  • Adjustable leveling feet allow target to be used on uneven terrain and hillsides (up to 15 degree slopes)
  • Quick release hand knobs allow 2x4 posts (not included) to be changed out in seconds
  • 9mm minimum required to drop target completely back in one hit (.22 caliber rimfire will not move target)
  • Innovative target that engages the shooter and produces a satisfying and dramatic shot response with each successful hit
  • Visual and audible hit indications provide instant feedback to the shooter
  • When a bullet strikes the 6” plate, the target falls backward out of sight and automatically resets itself after a 2-5 second delay
  • Missed shots or hits on the wood post will not move the target
  • In a training environment, each shot creates pass/fail feedback, which induces stress and simulates real world intangibles
  • Impact resistance and reset speed can be adjusted so multiple hits are required to drop the target
  • This technique disciplines the shooter to keep their sights on the target until it’s completely down
  • The portable design allows the target to be configured in multiple positions and distances on your range
  • Various movement, communication, cover, and malfunction drills can be conducted while monitoring the accuracy of every shot
  • In a recreational or competitive environment, the targets provide the same satisfying feedback as traditional falling poppers without the need to be manually reset between sessions
  • The patent pending counterbalance technology requires no power source and is durably built to provide years of maintenance free service