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Crosman Premier 177 Caliber Match Grade Pellets 500ct LM77
by Crosman
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on 10-2-2018.
Product Description
Crosman Premier Match 500 match grade pellets in a tin. LM77
  • Compatible: 177 caliber air rifles and pistols only
  • Pellet type: match (flat)
  • Grain: 7.9
  • Reviews From Buyers
    I find these to be a very good to excellent pellet in most airguns. My pickiest airguns is my Crosman Model 760 which has a smooth bore barrel. I target shoot at 11 yards. I have tested many other pellets over and over again, and these are just the best. Tight groups, with very few fliers. The few fliers I do get with these, can hardly be called fliers. Best groups are 3/16 inch for 5 shots rested at 11 yards. Lots of 1/4 inch groups. With the 760 and these pellets my rifled airguns at that distance really are not an advantage. That smooth bore shoots just as tight and just as often. I have a decent 4x32 AO Winchester scope on the 760, and that's a good scope too. If you have any .177 pellet guns, you owe it to yourself to give these a try. There are cheaper pellets, but I find they are not as exact as witnessed by the number of fliers, and the distance away from the group those fliers go.