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12ga 3-Gun Crio Choke Tube Set
by Brownells
In stock at Brownells
on 5-2-2018.
Product Description

Brownells & Carlson’s 3-Gun Extended Choke Tubes are designed specifically for use in 3-Gun competitions.  This 3-piece choke tube set allows the shooter to select the exact choke tube needed for any stage.  Included choke tubes are Full, Improved Cylinder & Modified, ensuring you can quickly take out clay pigeons or knock down that long distance steel target.  The three tubes are manufactured from 1704 stainless steel and designed to throw tighter and denser patterns than conventional choke tubes.  Each choke tube is knurled on the end to allow for quick and easy removal. Constriction and size are  laser marked on the end and body for easy reference. Slugs, sabots, and rifled slugs are not to be used in any choke constriction tighter than Improved Cylinder. Remember to pattern your shotgun choke tube with the specific shot shell load you are going to be using. Different brands of ammunition throw different patterns from the same choke tube. This choke is backed by Brownells & Carlson's lifetime warranty. Choke Tube Sets available for  Benelli/Beretta 12 Gauge shotguns.