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Smith & Wesson 686 Centerfire Revolvers
In stock at Cabelas
on 1-18-2018.
Product Description
The stainless-steel Smith & Wesson 686 Centerfire Revolver is based on the medium L-frame, one of the most popular double-action revolver frames in history. It’s a lawman’s carry-gun favorite due to its combination of magnum-grade strength and relative compactness. All models are chambered for .357 Magnum/.38 Special+P and feature an adjustable white-outline rear sight and a red ramp front sight.
  • Model 686SSR (Stock Service Revolver): Six-round cylinder; wood grips; interchangeable front sight.
  • Model 686 "3-5-7" Magnum Series 3" Barrel: Seven-round cylinder, custom "3-5-7" wood grips.
  • Model 686 Deluxe 3" Barrel: Seven-round cylinder; wood grips.
  • Model 686 3" Barrel: Seven-round cylinder; molded-rubber grips.
  • Model 686 4" Barrel: Seven-round cylinder; molded-rubber grips.
  • Model 686 6" Barrel: Seven-round cylinder; molded-rubber grips. 
  • Based on the popular medium L-frame
  • Chambered in .357 Magnum/.38 Special+P
  • Available in six- and seven-shot models