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Remington 700 Barrel
by Shilen
In stock at Brownells
on 4-30-2018.
Product Description

The fastest, most convenient method available to any gunsmith for rebarreling and accurizing the fine Remington 700 action. Now you can provide your customers with the increased accuracy and superior performance that only a custom, match-quality barrel can deliver without time-consuming and costly lathe work. Brownells match-grade barrels are pre-threaded and short-chambered for ease of installation. Plus, the bolt body counterbore is fully cut. Groove tolerances are uniform to within .0003" end-to-end and air-gauged to ensure conformity. After installation, use a hand-turned finish reamer to deepen chamber until correct head space is reached, (correct Reamer and Headspace Gauges required). Made to our specifications by Shilen.