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Kahr Cw380, .380 Acp, 2.58 & Quot; Barrel, Black
by Kahr Arms
In stock at Brownells - Use Coupon M6S for free shipping over $49 til 12/31/17
on 1-23-2018.
Product Description

Kahr's attention to detail, use of the finest materials and employment of the most precise manufacturing methods results in semiautomatic pistols of exceptional quality and reliability. The barrels are machined from solid, round billets of high-tensile-strength proprietary steel, then drilled and rifled to match-grade tolerances. Slides are precisely machined from 416 stainless steel bar stock, then heat-treated and tempered to optimize durability. Kahr's cocking-cam trigger system employs a cam to unlock the passive safety and finish cocking and releasing the firing pin. The system provides an unbelievably smooth double-action-only trigger stroke. A patented offset barrel places the trigger mechanism beside the barrel lug, raising the shooter's hand close to the centerline of the bore. This, combined with the ergonomically designed grips, results in a remarkable degree of shooting comfort and control with reduced muzzle flip and felt recoil. Every Kahr pistol is made in accordance with the strictest international manufacturing standards and is individually tested before it is sold.