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Federal 5.56 Bulk Rifle Ammunition per 420
In stock at Cabelas
on 4-12-2018.
Product Description
Stock up on Federal's American Eagle Bulk 5.56 Rifle Ammunition – smooth-cycling, military-spec. ammunition that comes packaged in a sealed mil-spec, reusable ammo can with a temper-evident seal. Features 55-gr. FMJ in Lake City brass casings that have been conveniently loaded into mil-spec 10-round stripper clips. Includes a stripper-clip guide to ensure quick, easy loading of any M16/AR-15 magazine. Noncorrosive.

  • 55-gr. FMJ loaded in a Lake City brass casing
  • Smooth-cycling, military-spec ammunition
  • Packaged in a mil-spec reusable ammo can
  • Comes loaded into 10-round stripper clips
  • Included stripper-clip guide