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Crosman 2300T Target Pistol 2300T
by Crosman
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on 5-2-2018.
Product Description
Crosman 2300T Target Pistol 2300T
  • Rifled barrel
  • Single-stage adjustable trigger
  • CO2 powered bolt action
  • Reviews From Buyers
    First I would like it to be clear that the gun currently pictured (3/11/16) is not the 2300T, it is the 2300S. That gun (the 2300S) is mechanically the same gun but the sights are a big step up in precision and cost, hopefully Walmart will fix this before they frustrate too many customers. That said; it is a .177 'pellet' COČ single shot bolt action target pistol that is built off of the 2240 frame and technology. It lacks the warning stamping in the metal and tastefully has the name of the gun in its place. The metal receiver is notched for the included target rear sight and also grooved for 11mm scope or RedDot sight mounting. I have shot it all three ways and presently have a 2x handgun scope on mine. It is capable of exceptional accuracy within its practical range, most disciplined shooters should be able to group on a dime at 10 yards. worth noting here is that the 2300T, like the other similar guns from Crosman; can accept the addition of a shoulder stock or a longer barrel. I knew what I was buying and like the gun very much, inclosing however; note that the sights pictured need to be changed.