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Lee 90642 Pro 1000 Reloading Press Kit 41 Magnum Cast Alum
by Lee Precision
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on 10-2-2018.
Product Description
The Lee Pro 1000 Progressive Press is a great press for beginning reloaders or seasoned veterans. Just add a bullet and load a cartridge with each pull of the lever - all other operations are automatic. For added safety, primers and powder are fed only if a case is present. For fine adjustments or for experimenting, an alternate loading sequence allows for loading only one case at a time. Makes learning easy for the first time user.Warning: Lee recommends to only use CCI or Remington primers. Other primers will not safely work in this priming system.Kit Inludes
  • Carbide 3-Die set
  • Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure
  • Pro 1000 Primer attachment
  • Case Feeder
  • Shell plate