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Glock Gen 3 Sub-Compact Semiautomatic Pistols
In stock at Cabelas
on 5-4-2018.
Product Description
Renowned Glock reliability in Sub-Compact Semiautomatic Pistols ideal for concealed carry, home protection and law-enforcement applications. Each has the safety features Glock is known for: a “safe-action” trigger system, a firing-pin safety and a drop safety that prevents the gun from discharging if dropped. Loaded-chamber indicators let you know when the guns are ready to fire. Frames are constructed of Glock's nearly indestructible polymer that's impervious to the elements. Solid, cold-hammered steel barrels deliver consistent performance and lasting service. Hard-plastic case, two magazines and cleaning kit included.
• Glock 26 – Easy to carry because of its compact size and light weight, this 9mm sub-compact has 10+1 capacity. Fixed sights. Black-matte finish.
• Glock 27 – The power of the .40 S&W cartridge in a compact, double-action-only handgun with 9+1 capacity. Fixed sights. Black-matte finish.
• Glock 30SF (Short Frame) – Chambered in .45 ACP, this pistol has a 10+1 capacity. Fixed sights. Black-matte finish.
• Glock 30S with rail – Built on the G30 SF frame, the G30S combines the full-capacity .45 Auto round count with a slimmer slide. It offers a lighter, more-easily concealable option for law enforcement and legal concealed-carry enthusiasts.

  • Legendary Glock performance and reliability
  • Integrated safety features
  • Each comes with a hard case and two magazines