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Daisy Powerline Model 340 BB Pistol
by Daisy Manufacturing Company
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on 11-14-2017.
  • 200-Shot BB Repeater with 13-shot Speedload Clip
  • .177 cal. BB
  • Spring Air Power Action
  • Reviews From Buyers
    The gun is well made for the price.. I was kind of surprised at how well it's built for 10 bucks. It does seem like it has a tendency to shoot off to the left a bit at times, Of course it's just a short distance shooter, but it's fun to play with and at this price and with the bb capacity, you can shoot for a long time without having to reload. It was a a bit confusing at first ( I'm not the best about reading instructions) on how to load it etc, but once I played with it a bit I've spent a lot of time plinking with it. It's pretty accurate at around 20-40 ft or so depending on if you have any wind or not. I set up a home-made target inside my 30 ft shed and I can hit with it pretty regularly. It's not perfect but for 10.00 it's a fun toy . Just practicing with it should improve your hand gun skills. If you are a pro, it's probably not for you, but someone who just likes plinking cans or just playing around, it would be fine or for a kid to practice with. Again, it's not pro gun for 10.00 but it's pretty cool to play with for just plinking..