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Hodgdon Pyrodex P Pistol Powder
In stock at Gander Outdoors
on 5-2-2018.
Product Description
Use Pyrodex P Pistol Powder from Hodgdon in place of black powder in all your pistols and small-bore rifles (up to .45 caliber). Pyrodex P can also be used as a priming charge in firearms with a tortuous or fouled ignition channel or other ignition problems. Compares to 3F black powder on a particle size basis.

The sale of all black powder firearms and ammunition, including gunpowder, primers and percussion caps, is regulated by law in at least six states. You are advised to check your local and state laws regarding the purchase and possession of such products before ordering.

Shipper requires a Hazardous Material Handling fee of $20 per item. Ships ground only.