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Hevi-Shot Speedball Ammo 12 Gauge 3 & Quot; 1-1/4 Oz 3 Shot
by Environ-metal Inc.
In stock at Brownells - Use Coupon M6S for free shipping over $49 til 12/31/17
on 2-23-2018.
Product Description

True to its name, Speedball™ delivers faster pellets for high density, long-range performance and devastating knockdown power. HEVI-Shot starts with the patented Speedball™ in the wad. Then, their patented MV2™ base pellets have a thick copper layer with a smaller steel core, followed by a layer of HEVI-Shot® pellets. It’s the best bang for your buck. To any reasonable distance, it matches the performance of HEVI-Shot® Duck and Goose at half the price.