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Ruger 10/22 Stock Thumbhole
by Tactical Solutions, LLC
In stock at Brownells
on 5-2-2018.
Product Description

The Vantage RS™ features a factory installed non-compression pillar bedding system. The strong metal pillar solves the age-old problem of metal-to-wood fitting and the accuracy issues common when using pure wood stocks. The Vantage RS™ has a clean, functional, and beautiful design with a cheek piece engineered to provide comfortable enhanced ergonomics. Tactical Solutions carefully engineered the Vantage RS™ specifically to work with the barrel’s harmonics to effectively shoot off a bench or provide a superior platform for off-hand shooting. The Vantage RS™ is designed to fit 10/22® style actions with 0.920” rifle barrels and is perfectly inlet on CNC machines. The comb and forend heights were designed to give the shooter a superior line of sight for rifle scopes.