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Crosman Piranha Premier .22cal Hollow Point Pellets 14.3 Grain 400ct LPPH2
by Crosman
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on 10-2-2018.
Product Description
Crosman Premier .22 Hollowpt Pellets 14.3Grain 400Ct. LPPH2
  • Compatible with all: 22 caliber air rifles and pistols
  • Great for hunting and plinking
  • Contains 400
Reviews From Buyers
This looked like it would be an effective hunting pellet so I thought i would give it a try. First thing i noticed was this was the dirtiest pellet out of the tin I've ever seen. Covered in lead dust! And although every air gun is different, out of my Prod (Marauder Pistol ) , that is not particularly pellet fussy, these were all over the place. highly inaccurate . I mean terrible! Without a doubt the worst product that Crosman puts out. A total waste of money. Crosman domed or hollow point pellets are pretty good pellets for the money, but stay away from these.