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Crosman Vantage NP .177 Caliber Break Barrel Air Rifle with Scope
by Crosman
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on 2-26-2018.
Product Description

Crosman Vantage NP .177 Caliber Break Barrel Air Rifle with Scope:
  • Reduced noise and vibration due to nitro piston
  • Use .177 caliber pellets only
  • Key specifications:
    • Power source: nitro piston
    • Mechanism: single
    • Caliber: .177 caliber
    • Ammo type: shoots .177cal only
    • Pellet: single shot
    • Pellet velocity: 1200 fps with lead-free pellets
    • Barrel: rifled
    • Stock material: hardwood
    • Safety: ambidextrous manual
  • Nitro Piston Powerplant
  • Shoots .177cal pellets up to 1200fps
  • Beautiful hardwood stock
  • Reviews From Buyers
    This gun would put my RWS model 45 to shame. It packs the power. Trigger is two stage, but nerds work. While most nitro piston guns break in faster than the metal coil spring guns, mine didn't. It has taken 500 pellets to finally settle down, and two scopes. The sharp two way recoil of this rifle will destroy most scopes. Including many made for air guns. Get a quality Magnum air gun scope, with good rings. The rifle comes with 11 mm rails and a hole for your ring's recoil stop. Hammers scopes come with the best rings. I am using heavy duty rings with a recoil stop pin built into the rear ring. Besides the Hammer scope, others in the economy range would be the Barksa Magnum air gun scope and the Mantis. Standard .22 scopes won't last 100 shots. I think a lot of the people that say theirs won't shoot accurately have already destroyed their scope. This is a spring powered air rifle. Even though the spring is a nitro piston, you still need to learn to shoot a springer. A tight hold will not be accurate. Try YouTube for the artillery hold. Your groups will tighten right up. Try different pellets. Some pellets are punching one hole groups at 20 yards, others are shooting 6 inch groups. The pellet used does make a difference. 14-16 grain pellets have worked best in my rifle (.22cal.)YouTube again comes to the rescue when it comes to the trigger. With adding the longer adjustment screw, the trigger is better now than on my $400 springer air guns. Out of the box, the triggers have an unpredictable long throw. But are still better than a Discovery rifle. Stock the trigger was better than the Benjamin Trail trigger, mods are identical. Do clean the bore. If you don't, break in will take even longer. When you first fire the gun, even after cleaning, I got a lot of dieseling. Evident by all the smoke in the barrel. Added some 100% silicone oil (one drop) to the chamber. It helped a little, but smoke was still visible 50 shots later. Clean this gun well. Do not use anything other than 100% silicone oil in the chamber. Barrel should be clean and dry. Dieseling can and will destroy you gun in short order. The wood is nice. The bluing is great. The trigger easily improved. Power is great. Accuracy quite good. You can't get better than the Crossman for anywhere near this price.