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Barnett Recruit Tactical Compound Crossbow Package with 2 Bolts
by Barnett
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on 11-21-2017.
  • Crossbow comes mostly assembled
  • Includes a quiver, two 20 inch arrows, a rope-cocking device and a 4x32 scope
  • Color: black
  • Reviews From Buyers
    I took care and maintained this crossbow as recommended. I was practicing and had less than 100 shots on that string when it snapped the string in two when I fired. I luckily was not hurt. I took it to a local bow shop where he told me it was anomaly so I had him look it over and he re strung it. I was practicing again a couple weeks later and as I shot it snapped the second string. I was aggravated and started looking online and I was not the only one having this issue. Its a bad design!!! I have a crossbow now that I've spent several hundred on that's useless. I refuse to restring it for the 3rd time and its to dangerous to sell to anyone to try and re-coop some money. I sent an email to Barnett and they have yet to respond so I am giving their customer service 1 star as well.